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Bundy Kegs & Schmeider's Cooperage

Situated near the famous Bundaberg Rum Distillery, at 5 Alexandra Street Schmeider's Cooperage & Bundy Kegs are one in the same.

Within the confines of a 100-year-old building is a exciting tourist destination with plenty to see.  Start with a video explaining the art of cooperage, demonstrations of the craft and mini barrels for the souvenir hunter.

This is where the ancient art of barrel-making started and is showcased while you watch! 




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Justin the Cooper hard at work

Justin the 'Cooper" hard at work shaping a cask.

Traditionally, a cooper is someone who makes wooden staved vessels of a conical form, of greater length than breadth, bound together with hoops and possessing flat ends or heads. Examples of a cooper's work include but are not limited to casks, barrels, buckets, tubs, butter churns, hogsheads, firkins, tierces, rundlets, puncheons, pipes, tuns, butts, pins, and breakers. The word is derived from Middle Dutch kūpe, "basket, wood, tub" and may ultimately stem from cupa, the Latin word for vat. Everything a cooper produces is referred to collectively as cooperage. "Cask" is a generic term used to describe any piece of cooperage containing a bouge, bilge, or bulge in the middle of the container...

A barrel is technically a measure of the size of a cask, so the term "barrel-maker" cannot be used synonymously with "cooper." The facility in which casks are made is also referred to as a cooperage.

Bundy Floods 2013

Dear Customers,

Due to the recent floods, our business has suffered some damage. We ask that if you have placed an order or know someone who has, to please be patient as we are set to reopen the shop on the 1/3/2013.

Thank you

Bundy Kegs Team

Competition Winner


Competition Winner!


Congratulations to the proud new owner of a 4 Litre Cask.

Thank you to all of those who entered and showed their support.

Happy 2013!!


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